Dawn Stanford

Premier Parking
Valet Supervisor
Downtown Detroit/Westin Book Cadillac
I’m 19 years old with a passion for helping others. I feel like I’m too skilled in too many things not to do everything which is why entrepreneurship has been like burning flame in my conscious. I want to start different businesses that better my community and also teach others how to do the same. I’m in the business of making money and will invest my time into anything I think is worthwhile. I ultimately want to connect with people with the same goals and views as me. Inspiring people, and making money is what I want to do.
Monday, June 17

10:00am EDT

11:00am EDT

12:00pm EDT

1:00pm EDT

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3:00pm EDT

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7:00pm EDT

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Tuesday, June 18

10:00am EDT

11:00am EDT