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Greg Shaver

Mr. Wearitall
South Lyon, Michigan
I am new to becoming an entrepreneur. I have started my first official company. It's time to start taking steps to build and brand what my company will become. Since I was a young teenager, my passion for fashion has been expanding. This is what fueled the idea for what I've decided to start pursuing. I am trying to start a retail business in the vintage/streetwear/designer fashion market. Recently, some thoughts have come up about doing something to give back as well. As a result, I also want to start donating certain percentages of sales to help provide clothes to people in 3rd world countries, people that have gone through natural disasters, and not limited to things on the homefront like reach out programs such as providing clothes to struggling families and providing nice outfits to someone who doesn't have clothes for job interviews. This is something that I don't want to define my Mr. Wearitall presence but enhance and leverage my position to make a difference!