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George N'Namdi

George R.Namdi established G.R. ;Namdi Gallery in 1981 with the mission of
inspiring a new generation of art collectors and increasing the awareness of abstract
art. George holds a bachelors and masters degree in education from Ohio State
University, a doctorate in psychology from the University of Michigan, and an
honorary doctorate from the College for Creative Studies. Through his research and
practice as a psychologist, he observed a connection between a community's mental
health and its appreciation for the arts.

George N’Namdi has been a force in Detroit’s art scene for more than three decades.
G. R. N’Namdi and the development company East Forest Art Project LLC created the
N’Namdi Center complex, which houses: N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art;
SEVA restaurant; The Black Box; a wine bar; retail space; a performing arts theater;
and an outdoor patio area. Moving forward, George’s role as creative place-maker
has evolved to developing the West End Gallery District around the intersection of
Grand River and Rosa Parks Boulevard. Currently, N'Namdi is a partner in the Liv/Six area.