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Oren Goldenberg is a producer of film and culture, living and working in the Cass
Corridor. His production company Cass Corridor Films has created films about Detroit
Public Schools and America’s first low-income housing project Brewster Douglass, as
well as, projects for countless Detroit organizations and artists such as the DIA,
MOCAD, Kresge and National Geographic.
His work ranges from feature films to interactive installations. He was awarded a 2013
Kresge Artist Fellowship, Best Detroit Filmmaker (Real Detroit Weekly 2011) and Best
Michigan Filmmaker (Ann Arbor Film Festival 2006).
Goldenberg is co-owner of the Original Lincoln Motor Factory, which houses Recycle
Here! and the Lincoln Street Art Park, a free public art space and venue. He and his
partner Matthew Naimi have run Life as a Dreamtroit, their company which is
redeveloping the Lincoln Motor Factory into affordable live/make units for artists and
middle income workers. Goldenberg has also been an active board member at the
Downtown Synagogue since 2008 throwing free parties, leading rituals and
redeveloping the building. Goldenberg is the co-organizer of Art as Ritual which
focuses on community oriented ritual based art projects, co-owner of Sector 7G
Recordings which puts out Detroit based experimental dance music, and owner of Still
Cass Corridor, LLC, a real estate company which provides low-rent housing in the
former Cass Corridor Neighborhood.