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Shane Bliemaster

Marketing Supply Co.
Founder & CEO
Detroit, MI

Deep experience and success in data-driven digital marketing, alignment of market demand, cross-country logistics and opportunity first created Marketing Supply Co in 2014.


Founder Shane Bliemaster, 35, first cut his teeth in the startup tech scene in New York and San Francisco as the first hire of MoviePass, and growth team lead of multiple high -growth startups .

Marketing Supply Co is the only Detroit-based agency specializing in growth through data-driven tactics. Helping companies in Detroit, San Francisco, New York, and beyond over the past two years, Bliemaster has grown his team to 20. Since inception, Marketing Supply Co. has helped over 100 companies grow their revenue and scale their business. Exponential growth is often the outcome when Marketing Supply Co is engaged.

Igniting revenue growth and scaling startups through data-driven online marketing is Marketing Supply Co’s mission.