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Stephanie Whitfield

Salikas' Jewels LLC
Artist/Jewelry Designer/Owner
Greater Detroit Area
I'm a local jewelry and metal artist offering a wide range of high quality custom-made jewelry and accessories based in Detroit, Michigan. The majority of the pieces are one-of-kind or in very limited editions (2-3 made total).

My jewelry making process combines traditional techniques like wax carving, soldering, welding, crafting, gem setting and polishing among new ones like CAD jewelry design and laser cutting.

Although I've been making jewelry most of my life, in 2003, while still being employed as a career civil servant in state government, I decided to utilize my artistic abilities and passion for fashion to start designing and creating jewelry in preparation for retirement one day. I knew I could eventually parlay that into an entrepreneurial business. The beautifully crafted designs I create have been exhibited at various high profile organizational and artistic endeavors in the Greater Metropolitan Detroit area.The jewelry ranges from trendsetting to classic, earthy to ethnic and chunky to more refined. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings are handcrafted, utilizing sterling silver wire, chain and findings, and is ornamented with virtually all natural materials, such as: gemstones (precious & semi-precious). The utilization of color and natural materials, artistic designs, and attention to detail is exclusive to my jewelry. My designs are truly unique and mostly one of a kind.

Jewelry is art that can be worn, in other words... wearable art. It’s something you can actually wear as a personal artistic expression.

My jewelry is made in Detroit, MI by frequently using recycled precious metals whenever possible, gemstones, fair trade beads and other vintage materials like watch gears and select flatwear. For many of my designs, I upcycle rejected cutlery/vintage flatware and transform it into striking and uniquely crafted jewelry. From old and unwanted knives, forks and spoons, I craft artistic and unique rings, bracelets, necklaces. Some of my designs are created in just a few hours while others can take a month or more to bring from the realm of my imagination to reality.

I take great pride in personally handling each facet of the process, which includes sourcing quality metals, handpicking each stone, designing every piece, and dedicating myself to creating a beautiful and one-of-a-kind piece of art.

My creative process: I usually fall in love with a particular stone, freshwater pearl, crystals, particular watch gears etc. and I start to get an idea of how I want to incorporate them into the design... whether it’s going to be a necklace, a bracelet or a pair of earrings. Once the design is conceptualized and finalized, I get to work and start to make that particular piece of jewelry.

Giving back is one of the core values of my jewelry line and one of the main principals for the line’s existence. I donate to various women & children’s charities and youth organizations.

Whatever it takes... Always learn, always question, and surround yourself with passion. Every day is a new opportunity... Big, brave, bold, be gloriously, 100 percent who you are. Own it!